Latin: Hyssopus officinalis L.

Botanical Description:

  • Evergreen bushy shrub up to 60cm tall with square stems.

  • Linear lanceolate leaves up to 2cm long, hairy at margin.

  • Small blue labiate flowers in axillary whorls.

Parts used: Herb.


  • Volatile oil – camphor, thujone.

  • Flavonoids.

  • Triterpenes.


  • Carminative.

  • Pectoral.

  • Stimulant.

  • Sedative.


  • Most commonly used for coughs, bronchitis and respiratory complaints.

  • Constituent marrubin has been shown to act as an expectorant – to aid in the removal of phlegm from the respiratory tract.

  • Essential oil has bacteriostatic properties – which may play a role in fighting infection. .


  • Thought to be the 'Syrian Marjoram' mentioned in the bible.