Passion Flower

Latin: Passiflora incarnata L.

Synonyms: Maypop, passion vine, granadilla, maracoc.

Botanical Description:

  • Climber reaching up to 9m.

  • Perennial root, herbaceous shoots.

  • 3-5 lobed leaves, white, cross shaped flowers, tinged with purple.

Parts used: Whole plant.


  • Alkaloids: harmine, harmaline, harman, etc.

  • Flavonoids; apigenin, etc.


  • Sedative, hypnotic.

  • Antispasmodic, anodyne.

  • Hypotensive.


  • Found to have CNS-depressant activity.

  • Hypotensive effect useful for hypertension and tachycardia.

  • Anxiety and insomnia.

  • Apigenin known to be antiinflammatory.

  • New research into use in treatment and recovery from opiate addiction.


  • In isolated cases, mild side effects of nausea, tachycardia or vasculitis.

  • Generally well tolerated.