White flowered rosemary, Herbal Haven farm, April 2019.

White flowered rosemary, Herbal Haven farm, April 2019.


Latin: Rosmarinus officinalis L.

Synonyms: Polar plant, compass weed, compass plant, Rosmarinus coronatium.

Botanical Description:

  • Evergreen shrub, leaves up to 2.5cm, dark green upper and paler underneath.

  • Pungently aromatic odour.

  • Small, two lipped pale blue flowers.

Parts used: Herb.


  • Volatile oil.

  • Flavonoids; apigenin etc.

  • Rosmarinic acid

  • Diterpenes and triterpenes.


  • Antiinflammatory, astringent.

  • Diaphoretic, stomachic.

  • Nervine, anodyne, antiseptic.


  • Antiinflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral effects are useful for infections – and action on smooth muscle may reduce spasmodic coughs.

  • Thought to be effective in strengthening the small blood vessels and capillaries.

  • May facilitate improved brain function, and thereby has been used for dementia and memory.


  • Well known and widely used culinary herb, generally safe in herb form.

  • Seek advice when using essential oils or extracts.


  • Traditionallyknown as the herb of remembrance as it is said to improve memory.